Let me tell you about the Wayward Pigeon.

The Wayward Pigeon is a homing pigeon like the ones used by humans to carry messages. It can find its way home from anywhere in the world, it can travel long distances without a break and spend hours suspended in wind currents.

Like a regular pigeon, it is of an indistinct colour, of subtle beauty that comes and goes unnoticed.

Like a regular homing pigeon, it uses a complex navigation method based on the position of the sun, wind currents and the Earth’s magnetic field to determine its own position. It maps and remembers its surroundings with great accuracy. But even though this all sounds fantastic, this is not what makes the Wayward Pigeon different and special.

The Wayward Pigeon is different to any other homing pigeon - and this is due to the fact, that it makes its own decisions about what to deliver.


It’s a messenger who chooses which ideas to deliver.


It’s a war pigeon who fails to convey the order to attack.


An individual who fails to hand over the prisoners to the sheriff.


An individual who is not influenced by what is desired or expected.


A messenger who respects no borders.


It is instinct that leads homing pigeons across huge and disorienting distances, and it is instinct that the Wayward Pigeon needs to overcome in order to make its own choices. To become wayward it had to overcome its biology, training and hundreds of years of selective breeding. And since these things never really leave it, it must choose to overcome them every day. Every day this choice is just the first of many and each choice is made alone.





The Wayward Pigeon is an artistic project created by Agnieszka Polska for the Art Encounters Biennial 2019 as a part of the public space and online campaign.

Art Encounters Biennial 2019 is curated by Maria Lind and Anca Rujoiu and takes place between 20.09.2019 and 27.10.2019 in Timișoara, Romania.




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